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Event Canopy


Whether u need to cover a small promo stand or pulling out an amazing outdoor event or party? Just go with full customized Canopy tents buy them from PVC for outstanding trade shows, outdoor parties, community events, festive celebrations, and various other purposes where sheltered displays are required.
Product Material Description

  • Diameter 40 Tube Thickness 1.2mmPrismatic Tube Alloy Tent
  • 600D Waterproof Fabric Printing Material
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What are Canopy Tents?
Canopy tents are shelter or event tents that are smaller in size, set up quickly, and collapse down to a portable size. Canopy tents are perfect for business starter events, social events, trade shows, and more. These tents provide the practical benefit of shade and shelter for your employees and guests, all while increasing your brand awareness and presence.

Characteristics of Canopy Tents
Canopy tents are one of the important advertising tools for businesses and can be repeatedly used on different occasions. Let’s discuss some common features of most canopy pop up tents:
Eye-catching tents- canopy tents are set you apart from the competition by their eye-grabbing feature.
Smaller in size- canopy tents are usually smaller in size than the other type of tents and perfect for small party events.
Easy to install- custom canopy tents are easy to install just you need to attach the tent’s upper part with the stands.
Lightweight- the size and weight of canopy tents make them easy to carry
Perfect for all occasions- you can use canopy pop-up tents nearly on all occasions due to their usage in light weather conditions.
Are you searching for the perfect customizable canopy to attend a large expo, show, or event?PVC Banners offers an online, variety of instant trade show canopies.
Our Canopy pop-up-tents come in a variety of styles and designs perfect for any convention, festival, party, event, or outdoor function. Each tents canopy is fully customized according to the need of your business.

What types of pop-up canopy do we have?
Stand-up pavilions: The pavilion stands come with powder-coated surface treatments and can be completely customized in terms of designs, color and graphics.
These trade show tents are available in plain 10×10 designs that come in finishes of a variety of colors.
These canopies are more effective or suitable for promoting your product, protecting visitors from sunlight, and enhances your brand presence at that particular event.
Customizable: Many standard pop-up canopies can be customized with graphics to display a company logo or brand’s message. Having a tent with bright images, color and attractive design have more chance to be noticed and attract the attention of passersby. This will lead to having more brand awareness and engagement.
Domes\Kiosks: The Pop Up Kiosk Event Dome is a one-stop-shop for your event as it’s perfect for creating a quick promotional stand, collection point, ticketing kiosk, event bar, pop up shop, or even an exhibition stand.
The dome structure is made from high-quality water repellent fabric so it is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and is proven to withstand extreme weather conditions.
It is very easy to set up in just 20 minutes and has enough space to fit 4 people inside and can be fully branded to suit your brand messaging.
Included in the event dome package are the following – frame, printed fabric, countertops, and carry bags.
Go, and have your canopy tent to have more brand awareness and to be stand out in the competitive market. Contact us for further details…



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