Indoor X Banners are printed in high resolution, full colour on PVC panels with eyelets for attachments. The biggest benefit is the light weight, easily transportable nature which is cost effective and printed on banner display stand. Setting it up is also extremely simple; first you have to hook the printed panel onto the x banner frame through the four eyelets in the corners. The arms are flexible once erected, the banner hooks easily onto the corners of the arms and tensions itself. It’s a fantastic option if you wish to replace the printed panels regularly.
Also, there is flexibility with the supply of artwork, allowing the width to vary between 600mm and 700mm. The height remains set at 1800mm.
Replacement panels are ready to print and cost effective.


Hardware – Choice of a complete kit which has the stand, or a replacement panel (only if you already have a stand).
Quantity – decide on the quantity – it is important to note that the unit decreases as the quantity increases.